Giving Back from the Start With ART START



The M. Bottiglieri family proudly supports and works intimately with ART START, an innovative New York City-based non-for-profit organization that for over 20 years has connected at-risk and homeless shelter youth through various robust arts and music programs.

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Girl-Hat-Static12From the first enthusiastic meeting- ART START and M. Bottiglieri were a perfect fit. Through cash donations and further donations from profits, M. Bottiglieri and ART START provide students with weekly opportunities to  experience the joy of creating art and instruments for music classes and computers to help teens create portfolios for art school. M. Bottiglieri’s support also helps to fund a growing number of new musical and artistic programs offered by ART START.  In addition, through our team’s volunteer commitment, M. Bottiglieri is committed to helping create positive outcomes in the lives of youth through the many events and workshops organized by ART START.

Our M.Bottiglieri Team’s recent gathering at a homeless shelter program for 7-year old children in NYC resulted in the creation of some of the most moving ladybug artistic drawings/expressions one can imagine–all of which can be seen on our Facebook page. Th experience for the ART START staff and the M.Bottiglieri team attending was one that made time stand still and love the moments, with loving children just aching to express, grow and live.

To learn more about ART START or to volunteer time or provide financial support and donations, visit www.art-start.org.